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2/13/10 03:50 pm


switching over!

1/27/10 09:50 pm

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So I may be moving into Turner Annex, hollah. My dad raised hell and they gave me a room change form :) (I hate to seem like I went to mommy and daddy about the issue, but there wasn't anything left in my power to change this, and it was starting to affect my school work). I'm talking to these girls who seem pretty legit, and they're friends with my other friends, so hopefully they'll adopt me.

1/22/10 12:37 am

So far, this term has been a bitch and a half -- an awkward but inconsiderate roommate, overload of assignments, worrying whether or not I was sick, etc. etc. -- but life goes on. I'm just thankful for glorious sunshine, Daniel and his chai tea, and for Alex being the sweetheart that he is.

hopefully tomorrow will be better (and not full of torrential rainfall). I'm nervous on how the Color Theory critique will be since I kinda rushed the last couple pieces of my project. I imagine the lowest I can get on it is a B... too bad I didn't get to take that quiz on Wednesday. I was too much of a mess to really go to class anyway.

If there's one thing I want right now, it's something chocolatey and made of cookie dough -- I want to make these!!!

1/16/10 11:11 pm - NO, YOU HAVE ISSUES



at least I have green tea... and special tylenol. nom nom.
maybe I'll break into a yogurt... nah.

11/28/09 01:26 pm

So I managed to pass my Governments class with a C and it takes care of my social sciences credit, but I stumbled at the finish line and got B's in both Drawing I and 2D (????). I know in my heart I would've gotten A's, but some things popped out of nowhere. My GPA isn't as good as I wanted it to be, and it makes me afraid for my academic scholarship, but I imagine things will work out. I've had decent luck thus far.

I've been home for about a week now, and things are... fine. The first couple days felt a bit odd (and very very cold), like my house wasn't really my house, or that my room wasn't really my room anymore. My mom cleaned and rearranged the entire room, I almost feel bad for messing up the bed sheets or setting my stuff down. I still haven't unpacked my suitcase, only because I feel like I'm going to leave again soon. That's not for another five weeks though.

I visited the high school on Monday and was bombarded with hugs from various friends and teachers. The visit itself took longer than what I expected, but I enjoyed seeing familiar faces. Being in that building brought back a feeling of despondency -- funny how little things like dim lighting or smelly crowds of kids can remind you of such feelings.

I had a dream the other night that I was painting. Ironically, I haven't painted since summer -- and I haven't done art for myself in a long, long time. I don't know where to begin.

11/13/09 10:23 pm

Tonight I went to see "Harold & Maude" on the big screen at Trustees, and I've forgotten how much I adore that movie. It's even better now that I'm older and can empathize with the content more. I wish to be Maude, I want to be Maude.

Daniel and Jacob stripped down to their underpants and played guitar on the smoker's bridge in 54f -- oh how I love them!

Tomorrow I'm going to Charlotte, NC with Dan to visit his home city and meet all his friends and family. I'm pretty stoked. :)

I only have four days left of school, six days left here until I go back to Oregon.
I can do this!

11/9/09 10:22 pm

You know healing progressed when you read through old entries and can't remember all the problems you were having then. I like that.

I did this forever ago, but I figured I should post SOME art on here. I send a bunch of mobile photos of my art to Facebook...

11/5/09 01:44 pm - We were happy, ever happy

It is currently 72 degrees Fahrenheit, 14 days until I come home. So far today I've worked on my flip book that may or may not work, and eat popcorn and drink crystal light.
I decided not to work at the Film Festival this time because of my sickness that I'm just overcoming. My nose keeps oozing wonderful things in times where I don't have a tissue handy.

I've been listening to a lot of Modest Mouse and Helio Sequence, as well as some Sage Francis to add variety. Daniel showed me Mountain Goats, which I need to torrent once I have an untapped internet connection.

There's talk about Dan, Jacob and me getting an apartment next year. Today we were in the park talking about what kind of pets we'd have, and Jacob wants to start a Japanese fighting fish ring. Daniel and I do not endorse animal cruelty, sir. Anyway, we'll see how that goes.

I've been having dreams about random people and marriage the last few nights. I'd and it said something about it "signifies commitment, harmony or transitional period. You are undergoing an important developmental phase in your life. " True that.

10/25/09 10:29 pm

Blergh, I've got so much to study. Seriously, governments is the bane of my existence; interesting, but mind-numbing after four hours of consecutive memorization and reading. I hope I do well on my exam tomorrow, otherwise I'm on track to failure :(

It hit me today that I am, indeed, a college student. Maybe it's from looking at all the high school homecoming photos, or the few minutes I was daydreaming and stood up, or the phone call with Kevin Marble, or the walk from my dorm room to the convenience store, I don't know. BUT I don't feel the aggravations I had as a highschooler... I feel a bit more free-spirited and productive, despite the stress of homework and relationships. I feel purposive being here. And the weather is nice.

I want to dye my hair darker and get that lotus&bee tattoo before I come home, which probably won't happen but I can damn well try. I should've brought the money I saved up for it... hrm

I'm both dreading and looking forward to an Oregon winter. On the plus side, I get to wear long-sleeved thermals and my trench boots, and enjoy the company of friends and my boyfriend, and breathe clean air while admiring the douglas trees that surround the cities. Detrimentally, I'm staying at my house where my father may or may not have restrictions on me again, and suffer shock to my homeostasis. I'm thinking too much.

Kevin was telling me today that my winter break (11.20.09-1.2.10) is enough time to have a job... work on Airsoft christmas orders, perhaps.

I'm borrowing Cheryl's stage make-up on Halloween and dolling up my face as a Day of the Dead chick. Maybe that'll be my reason to dye my hair. :D

which reminds me, I'm volunteering three shifts for the Savannah Film Festival. I might have to opportunity to meet actors and directors whilst working, which is exciting to me. Savannah is pretty star-studded; last week James McAvoy, Justin Long, and Robert Redford were filming 'The Conspirator' in a square by Oglethorpe House. I saw them setting up the scene while biking by, and I wish I could've been there at night to see them film. Oh well, there will be other days.

10/13/09 02:17 pm - Proverb of the day

(from here)

"Focus on what is, than what if."
- My awesome counselor, Tieshia :)

I'm going to work on my drawing assignment now, or call my sister.
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